Enjoy the cute 2 Players Basket Shootout game with your friends

Spending with friends is the most fun filled moments of everyone’s life. The fun will be more if you are challenging him for a game which is quite addictive. Two player games are the best ways to spend time with your friends. You can enjoy every moment of the battle with your friend. Here is the cute basket ball game which is highly addictive two player ball game for your android device.

2 Players Basket Shootout is a very easy and casual for one or two players! Challenge your friends to a cute game of adorable, fun and exciting ball match. This game is easy to play and kids will love it! Girls will love it more! It’s a good ice breaker and a way to pass the time with.

If you’re alone, no problem! 2 Players Basket Shootout features a Single Player mode for you to play while you’re waiting for the bus/train by yourself! Challenge the other 8 characters to unlock them and don’t just unlock them, make sure you gain crush them for a 5-0 score! Each one of them are challenging and will provide you with non-stop addictive basketball fun!

Try your best to shake your friend off, and shoot from afar into the hoop! Master the way of basketball to elude your opponent and aim for glory! Do fake movements, run around, pretend to shoot to throw your opponent off balance!

When you’re defending, make sure to stick to your opponent as close as you can and never let him leave your sight! Fake movements works here too to force him to shoot, and then go in for the block! Your skills will leave you in sweet success after each shot by your opponent fails miserable. The addictive ball game play will leave you wanting for more!

So what’s the delay, download the 2 Players Basket Shootout game from the Playstore link below and challenge your friends for a friendly yet serious gameplay.

The Good
  • Pretty clean graphics
  • Simple Gameplay
  • Highly addictive game for a multi player game
The Bad
  • Nothing in this column

Get it on the play store using the link below.

  Download 2 Players Basket Shootout

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