How to Enable/Use LED Notification light on Nexus 6

Lookie here, we’ve a LED light on the Nexus 6! Those graceful LED notification lights on Nexus device beginning with Galaxy Nexus won hearts of many Nexus users, and the absence of such a remarkable thing on the Nexus 6 was simply disheartening. Yeah, the Nexus 6 has a cool replacement for that “the Ambient display” but c’mon, not every likes their devices to light up the whole on every notification and that too for multiple times.

Anyway, thanks to JMUT over at XDA for discovering the hidden LED light on Nexus 6 which Google and Motorola decided to keep off because they thought “Ambient display” is much cooler. We can understand their understanding, Motorola has been proud of their Moto display, so it disables the LED on its Moto X series and with Ambient display, Google too decided to play it like Motorola.

However, the LED light on Nexus 6 is RGB only, meaning it’ll only show in Red, Green and Blue color. No other fancy color. To put it to use, Light Flow developer has elaborated the things you need to do on his app to enable the LED light on your Nexus 6. Check the procedure below:



  1. Download and install Light Flow app → on your Nexus 6.
  2. Open the app and touch the Settings icon.
  3. Tick the check box next to “Root mode”, “Run every command as root” and “Direct mode”.
  4. Go back to main menu of the app, touch Notifications icon and select any app.
  5. Now swipe right once to change Light settings, scroll down a bit and you’ll see “Enable mixer” option.
  6. Tick the checkbox next “Enable mixer” and you’ll have the option to enable Red, Green or Blue LED for notifications. Also, set LED brightness to your preference.

That’s how you enable LED notification light on Nexus 6. Enjoy!

via Reddit and XDA

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