EFS and IMEI Backup tool for Galaxy S5 G900M/F/T

As we already know that, on qualcomm devices IMEI number is no longer stored on EFS partition. So there is no meaning in making a backup of only efs.img. That will not make a complete backup of the IMEI number on your Qualcomm devices. To take a complete backup of IMEI, one has to take the backup of efs.img as well as Modemst1 and Modemst2. This is quite a deal if you are new to android development. So here is a simple tool to make a complete backup of IMEI (efs.img.ext4 + nvrebuild1.bin and nvrebuild2.bin).

This IMEI Tool is only for Samsung G900M/F/T. So users of any other another devices are strictly advised not to use this tool. The tool is fairly simple to use with only two buttons in the app layout, One is for making a backup of the IMEI and other is to restore the bakup. The app is very effective in taking a complete backup of the IMEI details. This app comes in both free and paid versions.

The free version will be able to make a single backup of the IMEI while the paid version is equipped to take multiple backups with a unique name string assigned to each backup so that it makes clear of when the backup was made and on what device. This tool will make backup in folder name MyEFS_MM-dd-yyyy_hh.mm_Device IMEI where the name is according to the time and date the backup has been made and also the device identity with the help of IMEI. So you can keep track of multiple backups without any hassle.

The following Prerequisites are to be met before using this tool:

  1. Device must be Rooted
  2. USB debugging enabled

To make backup you needs to long press backup option icon, Backup files will be stored to MyEFS_mm_dd-yyyy-hr-mm_Device IMEI folder on Int SD card. This will make backup of all three required partition efs.img.ext4, nvrebuild1.bin and nvrebuild2.bin. Also you will found build.prop file in backup folder, which is just to get information about your ROMwhile backup was created.

To restore, you have to first copy all three backup files (efs.img.ext4, nvrebuild1.bin and nvrebuild2.bin) to root directory of Int SD card. Once all three files there on int SD card simply long press Restore EFS option icon and reboot device.

So to take a complete bakup of your device’s IMEI, click on the download links (free and paid) provided below to download the IMEI Tool app.

The Good
  • Simple User Interface
  • Multiple backups enabled
  • Takes complete backup of IMEI
The Bad
  • Nothing in this column

Get the IMEI Tool (free) from the link below:

  Download IMEI Tool Samsung G900M/F/T (Free)

Get the Pro version of IMEI Tool on the play store using the link below.

  Download IMEI Tool Samsung G900M/F/T (Paid)


  • Luis Eduardo Martinez

    Whats the difference between free tool and pay tool?