Easy Multitasking: Leave Call Screen and Work on Phone Easily with Blimps Floating Dialer Android App

Blimps – Floating Dialer Feat. Android app gets you two useful and nice looking fully round buttons for Speaker and End Call during a call.

So that, you can come to homescreen easily and do your work with gmail, browser, contacts, gallery or whatever it is, and still manage call as to speaker mode, and when the convo is over/too much to bear, simply tap on a button to end the call.

It’s a nice utility app that allows you to avoid pulling the notification bar to manage speaker mode or end the call.

Since pulling the notification bar during the call is a bit cumbersome thing to do, given the screen sizes of flagship devices these days, Blimps is a cool help in that regards.

The Good:
  • Free
  • Floating icons for Speaker and End-call can moved easily
  • Hide the icon not needed
  • Neat and clean app
  • Compatible with Android 4.0 and above
  • Lightweight app
The Bad:
  • Well, it’s irony that it didn’t work as expected on my Galaxy S4 running Android 4.3 with TouchWiz. TouchWiz got better of it, I guess, not letting it come on top — a very brief 1 sec appearance is all app got in call. Should work well on Nexus devices but needs to be tested on OEM devices well.

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What do you say, useful to you?

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