Duracell powered Android-compatible wireless chargers coming to Starbucks

Smartphones are rooted deep down in our day-to-day activities which enables us to perform various tasks on the go, but most of the users easily fall prey to the poor battery life of their devices. Even though there are some powerful smartphones that are capable of giving good battery life, most of the smartphones are considered battery hogs due to their humongous battery consumption . Carrying bulky wires to boost your device’s battery is another exasperating task, but it’s time to chill out a bit as Starbucks is now offering wireless charging at some of their Coffee house and if you’re around those points, you can boost your device wireless.

Starbucks is the first coffee-house to install free WiFi in its store in 2001, now it has come with another step in staying ahead of the curve when it comes to in-store technology. Starbucks has partnered with Duracell and started a nationwide roll-out of wireless charging systems. They have come up with a marketing strategy to attract the customers with Duracell’s Powermat Technology which enables customers to charge their Android devices using a compatible wireless charging system which supports PMA Standard . This advancement is rolling out only in a few selected stores for now, but is scheduled to cover more markets by next year.

In order to avail this service on your device, you need get a compatible Access case to your Smartphone which are currently available for only few Smartphones. Once you get the Access case for your Smartphone, all you need to do is to enter Starbucks coffee-house and place your device on the Powermat. This service can also be availed through some generic accessories like GoPower Portable Battery and The Ring. However, this technology doesn’t support the Qi standard wireless charging, which is more compatible with smartphones of today.

Via 9to5Google

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