Dual-SIM variant of Galaxy S8 Plus (SM-G955FD) already has support page live at Samsung India, Singapore and Kazakhstan

Samsung has gone ahead and spilled the beans on the upcoming Galaxy S8 Plus, way before its expected launch date of March 29th. Well, to be precise, it’s only a couple of beans as the support pages for the Galaxy S8 Plus have gone live in selected countries only — India, Singapore and Kazakhstan.

It almost looks like the folks over at Samsung couldn’t contain their excitement and let the pages go live. Or perhaps Samsung secretly wanted to added fuel to the flames of the already spreading rumors and leaks. Whatever it is, it seems to be doing the trick as it brings us closer to the reality that the Galaxy S8 Plus is totally legit.

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Another interesting aspect to note, is that the model number of the Galaxy S8 Plus (SM-G955FD) tells us that the smartphone will come in a dual SIM variant, perhaps for the given regions where the support page has gone live. It’s not surprising to learn, but definitely a reveal.

Of course, the device is also expected to feature the newly announced Snapdragon 835 processor. Other than the expected 6.2-inch display in a body that will be the size of the S7 Edge we’ve come to love, we’re excited what else Samsung brings to the table with the Galaxy S8 Plus.

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With the death of the Galaxy Note 7 and an extremely sincere apology detailing exactly what went wrong with the Note 7, Samsung hopes to win back the hearts of their loyal fans with the new array of upcoming Galaxy devices.

Source: Samsung India | Samsung Singapore | Samsung Kazakhstan