Force Power Off on Droid Razr [Trick]

Like it or not, or just like it too much, but pulling battery out is the best trick we keep using on android phones whenever our buddy hangs up, with screen not reacting to touch and nothing is really happening. But on Droid Razr, whose battery cannot be removed, what do you do when it hands up and screen gets locked, even though 4 capacitive keys at bottom are working?

Well, there’s an app trick for that. Remember, buttons on your phone are still working. So, just press the VolumeDown and Power key together, for 10-15 seconds or so, and the phone will power off — forcibly, of course. That’s similar to how you power off a lappy — at east this works on my Vaio — where one can hold the power key to force shut down on laptop.

And whether or not you’ve used a Samsung Galaxy device or not, Samsung has out in an incredible hardware force option, similar to one above, but with greater abilities. It even allows you to reboot, and boot into download (bootloader) mode and recovery mode. When you hold the power button on a galaxy device — I’ve tested it on international versions of both Galaxy S and Galaxy SII — it would power off from anywhere, whether your screen is in hanged up state or not, or even if you’re in download or recovery mode. Again, in whichever mode you’re in, pressing and holding VolumeDown+Home+Power will boot the phone into downloader mode, while pressing and holding VolumeUP+Home+Power will boot you into recovery mode. If you’re already in that mode, it will reboot you again in that mode — pretty awesome, right?

(Just wanted to share it to anyone, even though it’s of no use for Droid Razr users or any other users who don’t have a galaxy device. But, this may help you if you plan to buy Galaxy Nexus, man!)


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