Download Xperia Z Ultra and Z1 Compact Marshmallow update [Android 6.0 AOSP ROM]

The big phablet of a device, Sony Xperia Z Ultra now has a Marshmallow update available for download and installation. While Sony won’t be bestowing the Z Ultra with an Android 6.0 update, at least the unofficial means haven’t dried up. And the same goes for Xperia Z1 compact too.

Even though unofficial, the Marshmallow custom ROM for Z Ultra and Z1 compact we have here is nothing short of amazing. First of all, it has been developed even before official update has made it to any device that’s not a Nexus device.

Moreover, this Marshmallow update doesn’t have any serious issues to undermine its case. Except for the camera, both for Z Ultra and Z1 Compact, which we hope will be fixed soon.

Everything else is working pretty fine, and by that we mean Networks and calls, Wi-Fi, display, Brigtness, Orientation and Ambient light sensor, Bluetooth, etc.

How to update Xperia Z Ultra/Z1 Compact to Marshmallow with custom ROM


  • Marshmallow files
    • For Xperia Z Ultra — Link | Download the four files (boot.img, cache.img, system.img and userdata.img)
    • For Xperia Z1 Compact — Link | Download the four files (boot.img, cache.img, system.img and userdata.img)
  • Google Apps (Gapps) — Link (common for both)
  • SuperSU root package — Link | File: (3.8 MB) [common for both devices]

Supported devices

  • Xperia Z Ultra, or Z1 Compact
  • Don’t try this on any other device than the one specified above.

Use the Droid Info app, to determine the codename of your Xperia Z Ultra/Z1 Compact. If it is bacon, then it should be compatible with the 6.0 custom ROM we have here.


Warranty may be void of your device if you follow the procedures given on this page. You only are responsible for your device. We won’t be liable if any damage occurs to your device and/or its components.


Backup important files stored on your device before proceeding with the steps below, so that in case something goes wrong you’ll have backup of all your important files.

How to Install

Required: You Make sure your device’s bootloader is unlocked. For help, see this page. Also, make sure that you have TWRP recovery installed, because it will be needed to install Google Apps (Gapps), that aren’t included in 6.0 ROM by default. No need of TWRP for installing 6.0 ROM, btw.

Step 1. Download the Marshmallow ROM files from above. And also the Gapps file. [Download the ROM files relevant for your device. Filenames are same for both, make sure you clicked the correct download link.]

Step 2. And then create a folder called update6 and transfer the system.img, cache.img, boot.img and userdata.img

Step 3. Connect your Xperia Z Ultra/Z1 Compact to PC. Transfer the Gapps file to it. Remember the file’s location. And disconnect the device from PC now.

Step 4. Boot your Xperia Z Ultra/Z1 Compact into bootloader mode. If you are rooted, you can use Quick Boot app from play store. To manually boot into bootloader mode, do this:

  • Power off the device. Wait for 4-5 seconds after screen goes off.
  • Press and hold Volume Up button and then connect the device to PC sing USB cable. You will enter fastboot mode. Screen won’t show fastboot written on it, btw.

Step 5. Now, open command window in the update6 folder, in which you have the system.img file with other two files. For this:

  1. Open that update6 folder and then left click on empty white space in the folder.
  2. Now, while holding shift key, right click on empty white space to get a pop-up as shown below.
  3. Now choose Open command window here option from that.

You will see a command window open up, with location directed to update6 folder.

Step 6. Run the following commands to install the Marshmallow update on Xperia Z Ultra/Z1 Compact.

fastboot flash boot boot.img
fastboot flash cache cache.img
fastboot flash system system.img
fastboot flash userdata userdata.img
fastboot reboot

Wait for Xperia Z Ultra/Z1 Compact to finish booting up, it may take some time. Once it does, check the Settings > About device. You should have Marshmallow under Android version. Congos!

→ Btw, if you face force close on apps a lot, or device lagging too much, then do a factory reset using TWRP recovery to solve that problem.

Step 7. You don’t have Google Apps right now. You need to flash the Gapps file from recovery mode. Make sure you have TWRP installed, and have transferred the Gapps file to your Xperia Z Ultra/Z1 Compact too.

Step 8. Boot your Xperia Z Ultra/Z1 Compact into recovery mode. If you are rooted, you can use Quick Boot app from play store.

Step 9. [Optional] Once in TWRP, create a backup of your device. Tap on Backup, and then select all the partitions for back. Now do the swipe action at bottom to start creating a backup for emergency cases. This backup is really a lifesaver!

Step 10. Now, install the Gapps file. On TWRP’s homescreen, tap on Install, and then locate the Gapps file and tap on it. Then do the Swipe action at bottom to begin flashing the update.

Step 11. When it’s done, tap on Reboot system button to restart the device.

That’s it.

Let us know if you need any help with this, via comments below.

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