Download WhatsApp APK with WhatsApp Web option in Settings

WhatsApp Web option in WhatsApp App APK

WhatsApp just announced ‘WhatsApp Web’ that allows you to use WhatsApp on a PC, on Chrome browser. But you need the latest WhatsApp APK or that, and here below, there is a link to download the latest WhatsApp APK, version v2.11.498, that worked totally fine for me, even when the one available on WhatsApp’s own site didn’t.

Download WhatsApp APK with WhatsApp Web option

Do note that even though you have the latest version of WhatsApp that has WhatsApp Web built into it, until WhatsApp enables it for your no. — which maybe have been done already — you might not be able to spot the coveted WhatsApp Web option.

Just wait in that case as the above version of WhatsApp APK has been tested properly, and works!

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