Download Stock Wallpapers of One Plus One!!!!!

The OnePlus One is a budget device that provides the features present in popular flagship devices like Samsung Galaxy S5, HTC M8 but comes at half the price. The device comes with a Full HD display and lot more cool features along with a customizable OS. The devices is bundled with a set of wallpapers that would appear vivid on your device.

Here are the wallpapers from OnePlus One pulled out of the system dump of the device.

OnePlus-One-wallpaper-1-900x800 OnePlus-One-wallpaper-2-900x800 OnePlus-One-wallpaper-3-900x800 OnePlus-One-wallpaper-4-900x800 OnePlus-One-wallpaper-5-900x800 OnePlus-One-wallpaper-6-900x800 OnePlus-One-wallpaper-6-900x800

And here are a few Lock Screen wallpapers from the device

OnePlus-One-lock-wallpapers-1-400x711 OnePlus-One-lock-wallpapers-2-400x711 OnePlus-One-lock-wallpapers-3-400x711 OnePlus-One-lock-wallpapers-4-400x711 OnePlus-One-lock-wallpapers-5-400x711 OnePlus-One-lock-wallpapers-6-400x711 OnePlus-One-lock-wallpapers-7-400x711 OnePlus-One-lock-wallpapers-8-400x711 OnePlus-One-lock-wallpapers-9-400x711 OnePlus-One-lock-wallpapers-10-400x711 OnePlus-One-lock-wallpapers-11-400x711 OnePlus-One-lock-wallpapers-12-400x711 OnePlus-One-lock-wallpapers-13-400x711 OnePlus-One-lock-wallpapers-14-400x711 OnePlus-One-lock-wallpapers-15-400x711

Download all wallpapers in a zip file  link.

via XDA

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