[Download] Sprint HTC One M9 RUU version 1.32.651.30 now available

Although HTC One M9 is still on pre-order at Sprint, HTC already has an update waiting to be pushed to the device. It’s a major update that fixes the under-performing camera and improves the heat management on One M9.

The update with software version 1.32.651.30 will be pushed as an OTA. But for the folks who prefer to update manually using RUU, HTC has also posted the full 2.0 GB RUU for the Sprint HTC One M9. You can grab it from the download link below.

In case you aren’t aware of a RUU, it stands for Rom Upgrade Utility and is useful when you want to update your device manually or want to return back to stock HTC software after playing a while with root, custom ROMs and such stuff.

 icon-download Download Sprint HTC ONe M9 RUU version 1.32.651.30 (2.0 GB)


  • Camera enhancements
  • Thermal improvements
  • VoWifi 911 bug fix


Note: If you’ve an unlocked bootloader with S-OFF, then you can install the RUU easily. However, if your One M9 has an unlocked bootloader with S-ON, then you’ll have to re-lock the bootloader first to be able to install the RUU update.

  1. Download the RUU on your PC from the download link above.
  2. Connect your HTC One M9 to your PC via a USB cable.
  3. Make sure you’ve HTC One M9 drivers installed on your PC.
  4. Double-click/Run the RUU update file to launch the system update wizard.
  5. Follow all of the system update wizard instructions shown on your PC.
  6. Once the update is complete, click Finish in the Wizard and the device will reboot.
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  • Gursaab

    Hi,, i have one m9 unlocked version 1.32.651.30 rooted ,,i want to upgrade the firmware to 3.35.617.12 manually but getting error usb connection failed even in download mode. Will i b able to upgrade after flashing this rom and will this rom work for my version ..plz reply

    • Krishna

      You could try. If this installs, then 3.35.617.12 RUU should install all fine too. But id you can’t install 3.35.617.12 RUU, then it won’t install for you either. Should look for the “error” fix on Google.