Download Sprint Galaxy Note 4 Update N910PVPU3BOF5

File: | Size: 1.80 GB

Download link | Installation Guide

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  • gary

    will this turn custom to official?

    • Yes it would. But it won’t change KNOX 0x1 to 0x0.

      • gary

        Ok but will my device be able to take ota’s? Was on boe1 rooted with stock firmware unrootef through su and used kies to get to bof5 but still says custome

        • gary

          Sorry for thx for your help

        • Yes, OTA are a go!

        • Robert Clark


          • gary

            Ill let u know how i make out when new update arrives..then i will flash stock .then try ota

    • Robert Clark

      Yes. But not repairing if you ever rooted. You’ve flagged the Knox. No return. Still ok for rma but not with Sammy for sure. Imo

  • gary

    So if im understanding you, i could odin stock bof5 tar, make device say official and receive ota’s.. or in the mean time reroot bof5 and when new 5.1.1 comes available then flash bof5 stock tar and receive ota for 5.1.1..reason im confused is they never came out with stock tar for boe1

    • Robert Clark

      Yes…basically. Unless they changed something..Remember to be careful with factory reset protection.

    • ​Yes, you have got it alright. But, when you were on stock BOE1 — which means Official binary, and no root or custom recovery ever — then you should be good for OTA. I have rooted my Galaxy S6 Edge a lot of time, and when I flash .tar from Odin, I do get OTA updates.
      So, all in all, you can re-root if you want root access, and even install custom recovery if you wish so, and when there is a new 5.1.1 update available, install OF5 .tar using Odin, and then you should get OTA notification (could take days) and can take it too.​ If not, simply download the new update’s .tar — we’re you will see an article on that here — and flash that instead. Then re-root, if need be.

      • gary

        Thx for explaination and your help, I really do appreciate your time you’ve been very helpful thanks again

  • BigDaddyKane

    If anyone still around does this mean once I flash this I need to reroot and install customer recovery again IE TWRP ect

    • Yes you will have to root again, and also install TWRP back.