Download Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge PIT Files and How To use them!

Well, be sure to use them wisely. The PIT files are very, very dangerous flash material, even though lifesaver many a times for Samsung Galaxy devices. Here we have the PIT files for Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge sets — hence, don’t use on Galaxy S6!! — for almost all variants. If you damage your S6 Edge’s partition by flashing a wrong firmware on your device or whatever, you might need PIT file’s help to fix or unbrick your device.

Basically, PIT file tells Odin which partition is what and thus where to flash the partitions from the .tar.md5 files of the firmware. This allows Odin to flash right partitions to right places on device’s memory.

You would need to select the PIT — as relevant for your device, go by the model no. — along with the firmware file.

If you plan to use the PIT file, then better use latest version of Odin, v3.10.6. And select the firmware in AP option, while select the PIT file in PIT option under the separate PIT tab in the software.

Download PIT file based on your S6 Edge’s model no., and check that in Settings > About device screen, or on the packaging box of the device.

PIT files are available for following model nos. of S6 Edge:

  • International S6 Edge
    • SM-G925F
      • G925F_ZEROLTE_EUR_OPEN.pit
    • SM-G925i
      • G925i_ZEROLTE_AUS_XSA.pit
        (Would work with S6 Edge units for LATAM, Singapore, India and Australia)
  • USA S6 Edge variants
    • AT&T (SM-G925A)
      • G925A_ZEROLTE_USA_ATT.pit
    • Sprint (SM-G925P)
      • G925P_ZEROLTE_USA_SPR.pit
    • T-Mobile (SM-G925T)
      • G925T_ZEROLTE_USA_TMO.pit
    • Verizon (SM-G925V)
      • G925V_ZEROLTE_USA_VZW.pit
    • US Cellular (SM-G925R4)
      • G925R4_ZEROLTE_USA_USC.pit
  • Canada S6 Edge (SM-G925W8)
    • G925W8_ZEROLTE_CAN_BMC.pit
  • Korean S6 Edge sets (SM-G925K/L/S)
      Would work with all three S6 Edge variants in Korea.

Btw, in case you’re wondering, the PIT files are common for a particular model no. with different memory capacity. As long as model no. is same, it doesn’t matter whether it’s a 32GB set, or 64 or 128 GB one. Be sure to choose the PIT file for your device’s model no. otherwise you may brick your device.


Huge credit and thanks to danieldmm for digging these files out and sharing with us!

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  • a question … I brought an edge from China and now want to upload the international firmware …. would that work with this pit file?

  • Christian

    Whats about this “HIDDEN150M” PIT File? How do i know i have to choose this one?

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