Download Pixel 2 ringtone, alarm and notification tones

Last year when Google launched its first generation Pixel devices, not only did the handsets come with cool hardware and software but Google included a new set of ringtones, alarm, and notifications exclusive to Pixel handsets.

Well, the story doesn’t end there. If you thought it was a one-time thing, Google has some other plans. To the surprise of many, Google has included a completely new set of ringtones, alarm and notification tones with the Pixel 2 devices.

In addition to that, Pixel 2 also comes with a new UI for tones. Earlier, a menu popped up, where you had to select the tone, now on Pixel 2, the menu fills the entire screen.

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Are you excited for new tones? Umm, just go to any shopping site and order the new Pixel 2 for yourself. Just kidding! You can download and use all the new Pixel 2 tones – ringtones, alarm tones and notification ones on any smartphone.

Here are the links to download Pixel 2 tones:

Download Pixel 2 ringtones (12)

Download Pixel 2 notification tones (15)

Download Pixel 2 alarm tones (12)

Download Pixel 2 UI sounds (24)

After downloading the ZIP file, extract the files and place them in the respective Alarms, Notifications, and Ringtones folders on your device. You can check our full guide on how to set custom tones here.

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