Download OnePlus X OTA update version Oxygen OS 2.1.2

We’re seeing various reports from OnePlus X users reporting a new OTA update hitting their device today, and to confirm this, we also have the confirmation from the OnePlus team.

The update is pretty minor, and doesn’t involve any upgrade to Android version which stays at Android 5.1.1. But it does brings in some definite bug fixes and improvements.


The Oxygen OS 2.1.2 update for OnePlus X fixes UX issues in the camera app, improves HDR mode’s color offset, optimizes the device at system level when battery is low, and fixes system update to improve stability of OTA updates.

Users have also reported about the issues with OnePlus X SD card, and even though those have been acknowledged by the team, a fix for that isn’t included in the Oxygen OS 2.1.2 update that is rolling out today. For the good part, the SD card issue is being worked on and another update will be released by the team when fix is available.

Here’s your download link and installation guide for the OnePlus X 2.1.2 update.


  • OTA update — Link

Supported devices

  • OnePlus X
  • Don’t try this on OnePlus One or OnePlus 2!
  • Don’t try on any other device whatsoever!


You only are responsible for your device. We won’t be liable if any damage occurs to your device and/or its components.

How to Install

Step 1. Download the update file from above.

Step 2. Transfer the downloaded update file to your OnePlus X. Remember its location. (You can also download the update directly on phone, in which case, it should be in download folder.)

Step 3. Boot your OnePlus One into recovery mode:

  1. Power off your OnePlus X. Wait for 6-7 seconds after screen goes off.
  2. Press and hold Power + down together until you see anything on screen.

Step 4. Install the update. Use the instruction for your recovery.

  1. In 3e recovery, use volume buttons to navigate to ‘install update ..’ option and then press power button to select it.
  2. Now, select the update file that you transferred to OnePlus X in step 2 above. Confirm this and Oxygen OS 2.0.1 update will be installed on your device.

Step 5. The update will start installing, so just wait until that is finished. When it’s done, you will be back in recovery’s homescreen.

Step 6. Select ‘Reboot system now’ to restart your OnePlus X.

That’s it.

Need help?

Let us know via comments below.

Via: Helen and h2o64

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  • Fredi Ho

    Do you guys have the full oxygen OS for the one plus X cause i don’t wanna run hidrogen OS anymore …. Please