Download OnePlus 2 Apps for your OnePlus One and other Android devices

The OnePlus 2 apps have hit the download section but all is not too well for now. The required lib files aren’t available, and for that reason or another many apps are simply not working. For the good part, camera is able to record videos, but clicking a pic is too much for the semi-working camera app, as is the simple task of switching to front camera.

You get it, right? The apps are less than half-baked, and care crying for appropriate lib files and tweaks to get to the job. Credit for this goes to CraZY_BoY^, thanks!

Those still interested in the apps that hails from OnePlus 2 and its Oxygen OS 2.0, well, grab the download here. The zip file contains system folders such as app, priv-app, lib, lib64 and framework. The apps are deodexed btw!

Btw, you can try other apps yourself, and be kind to share the names of those working with us in the comments below.

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