Download Odin 3.10.6

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Version: 3.10.6

File size: 1.66 MB (1,747,243 bytes)

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  • mike horse

    followed all steps to root note4 even tho the Odin screen says pass phone will not reboo, keeps cycling what now???

    • What exactly did you try? is your device running Android 5.1.1?

      • Kelly Jameson

        5.0.1 and I followed the method given by What would Josh dew on youtube. Wich is the same as what Android soul and a few others have with the cf auto root.

      • mike horse

        5.0.1 followed cf auto root steps given by wwjoshdew on youtube, Android soul and a few other sites. Its okay they replaced my but I dont want that to happen again.

  • 25966asd


  • I did download what now


    look on youtube