Download Odin 3.10.0

Odin is a software used to upgrade firmwares on Samsung Galaxy devices, it’s also the same software that Samsung reps use to fix/restore/format your Samsung devices at Samsung service centers. Odin was never supposed to be a public software used by the end-users, but thanks to the growing community of independent development on Android devices, specially Samsung, the Odin software comes in pretty handy for even end-users to flash firmwares updates without the need of Kies and also unbrick/restore their Samsung Galaxy devices.

Also, it doesn’t always happen that Odin receives an update. But when it does, it’s usually by the means of newer devices. This time around the update to Odin has come with the Samsung Galaxy Note 4, bringing up the version to Odin 3.10.0. The last Odin version before this was v3.09, which arrived with Galaxy S4.

Download Odin 3.10.0 from the download link below, but beware of the power of the software. If used without knowledge or proper instructions, you could seriously hard-brick your device. Usually Odin comes with backward compatibility, so along with Galaxy Note 4, Odin 3.10 should also upport previous Samsung Galaxy devices.

 icon-download DOWNLOAD ODIN 3.10.6 (link updated to latest Odin 3.10.6)

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