Download New Apps (APKs) from Android 4.4 KitKat

Google yesterday released the Nexus 5 and with that also released the source code for Android 4.4 KitKat which we all have been breathlessly waiting for. Both the releases are a celebration for every die hard Android person.

And with the release of Android 4.4 source code, the factory images for Nexus 5 were also posted online. Which means APKs getting ported.

We have a wonderful developer community on Android, always looking to play with new stuff. And new stuff is almost synonym with Android updates, the journey from Android 1.0 to Android 4.4 has been epic so far.

So, you want the new apps and stuff from Android 4.4? Below are the downloads:

New Google Hangouts v2.0.12 APK

New Google hangouts with Location sharing, Animated GIFs and most important of all SMS support.

 Downloads Google Hangouts APK (v2.0.012)

Google Home Android 4.4 Launcher APK

New launcher from Android 4.4 with Google Now deeply integrated into Home screen. It’s awesome, must try

 Download Google Home Android 4.4 Launcher APK (

Google Search (Google Now APK)

New Google Now with hotword ‘Ok Google’ for touchless Google now experience.

 Download new Google Now APK (

Android 4.4 Keyboard APK

The new keyboard in Android 4.4 has got the Emojis!!

 Download Android 4.4 Keyboard APK  (v2.0.19003.893803a)

Android 4.4 Camera APK

We haven’t found anything new in the Android 4.4 camera yet except for the new icon. But, here’s the APK anyway.

 Download Android 4.4 Camera APK (v2.0.001)

Android 4.4 Wallpapers

New wallpapers from Android 4.4 KitKat. Sadly, there’s no new live wallpaper.

Download Android 4.4 Wallpapers

Via Droid-life

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  • Robsonmeg

    When I say ok Google nothing happens what am I doing wrong

    • Which device you are on?

      • Robsonmeg

        Note2 jellybeans 4.1.2 n7100

      • Robsonmeg

        Any idea

    • And what OS version?

    • Try to install using recovery. Then keep Google Home as your default launcher. Now, set the language and change it back, as said above to fix force close. Open Google Search manually for once. Come back to Homescreen and it should be working now.

      • Robsonmeg

        Got it to work but only on English us but the other thing i have found is that no widgets work at all

    • Replied to your earlier comment. Let me know whether it works out for you or not.

  • Clifton Keathley

    Where are all of those emoji. I have a quarter of those

  • Nice, but why haven’t you also included the new email and calendar apps from the KitKat dump…

    • Will be sure to add them.
      Thnx for pointing it out!

      • Robsonmeg

        Will they be added to this post or a new post.

  • Lorena

    i keep getting parse error whenever i try to install this app. Im using HTC EVO V 4G ICS 4.0.3 htc sense 3.6 (stock). Is there any way I can download GNow & the new launcher? i already downloaded the camera, new play market version, and play services

  • John Mark


  • vinay sharma

    there is major problem when we can charge the cellphone it`s touch lock can be difficult to open for any application . very sentive to open for phone application