Download LG Optimus G Pro PhilZ recovery, a good TWRP/CWM alternative

TWRP recovery is our favorite, but there is lot to like about the Philz recovery too, also called advanced version of CWM recovery. Usually, you don’t find Philz available for every device, though it is available for many devices, but unlike TWRP, it’s hard to expect the Philz recovery to be available first of all. Gladly though, Philz recovery is available for LG Optimus G Pro, Korean edition, model no. F240, running Android 4.4 KitKat. Btw, you need root access for this, so first make sure of that first!

You get lots of customization options with Philz recovery. It allows you to change the strength of vibration in the recovery, and takes screenshots, and also decide on the way you wanna you use the recovery, whether that be buttons-only mode, touch only mode, or a mix of them both. You can even decide the presentation of things, rows height for example. Version 6.57.9 of PhilZ recovery is available for LG G Pro F240, and it’s very easy to install because it’s available in APK file.

Download Philz Recovery | File: LGRecovery_KitKat_F240.apk (10 MB)

All you need to do in order to install LG G Pro Philz recovery is download the APK file given above, and then transfer it to phone if you downloaded it on PC. Then, open a file manager app, and then find the (LGRecovery_KitKat_F240.apk) and then tap on it. This will begin app’s installation. When done, open the app — you can find it in app drawer, its name is GPRO F240 KitKat Recovery.

Now, with the app opened, tap on ‘Flash GPRO F240 KitKat Recovery’ text and provide the app root permissions. The app will do the job then, and will complete flashing of Philz recovery on your device. That’s it.

To reboot into recovery mode and check put the Philz recovery, do this:

  • Power off your device first. Wait for 5-6 seconds after screen goes off.
  • Press and hold Power + Volume up button together until you see LG Logo, and when you do see it, release power button for 1 second (keep holding Volume up) and then press and hold it back until you reboot into recovery mode. Don’t release Volume up button.

Happy ROMs flashing!

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