Download LG G5 Apps [G4, G4 and AOSP Marshmallow ROMs]

We recently shared the LG G5 ringtones with you, and continuing with more G5 ports, here is collection of apps for devices running stock Android (like Nexus) or AOSP ROMs (like CM13, etc.).

For LG G3 and G4, G5’s all new live wallpapers are available, including Kaleidoscope, Cat and 360 view (wherein you can choose your own image too).

G5 Apps (stock Marshmallow)

This is for stock Android ROMs. Hence, this should work coolly on Nexus (and Motorola perhaps) devices running Android 6.0, and other devices running AOSP ROMs like CM13.

  • LG Alarm Clock
  • LG Calculator
  • LG Calendar
  • LG Contacts
  • LG Dialer
  • LG Email
  • LG File Manager
  • LG Gallery
  • LG Music
  • LG Music Widget
  • LG QRemote
  • LG Video
  • LG Voice Recorder

→ Download Link

G5 Live Wallpaper [G3 &G4]

Here’s how the live wallpapers from G5 look like.

→ Download Link

How to Install: Download the above file and install it using TWRP recovery. These are not APK files, and hence not installable without custom recovery.

LG G5 Launcher [For G3]

This is LG G5 launcher, modded to work for LG G3. Uh, LG G3 only for now, so don’t try this on any other LG or other OEM’s device for now. We’re sure one for LG G4 and other popular LG sets will be available soon.

→ Download Link

If you want to install the G3’s launcher back, find it here.

How to Install: Download the above file and install it using TWRP recovery.


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