Download LG G3 Drivers for Windows and Mac (USB + ADB)

Development and Customization are some of the great features the Android Operating System supports. As the Android is an Open Source platform, anyone can download the sources from the Internet and can make their own customizations and tweaks. The only way you can test your tweaks on your device is to connect it to a PC to communicate with the device. Connecting hardware to a PC require proper drivers so that the Windows Operating System (or any other OS) can communicate with the device. All Android devices needs proper driver installation on the PC end for a proper communication.

Download LG G3 Drivers

Driver for Windows  |  Driver for MAC

For VERIZON LG G3 — Driver for Windows

ADB is another powerful tool that the Android OS supports that acts as a communication bridge between your PC and Android powered device. Android Debug Bridge (ADB) is a versatile command line tool that lets you communicate with your device using certain commands. You can directly Shutdown or reboot your device from command line itself and you can also make changes to the Android File system (/System) directly providing you have proper permissions.

So you’re going to need proper driver installation on your PC which includes the USB and ADB drivers, and this is the first step to development for your LG G3. Above are the driver packages for the LG G3 that installs both the USB and ADB drivers for your device.

 icon-lightbulb-o TROUBLESHOOTING TIPS!

It may happen that drivers get successfully installed on your computer, and yet you are unable to get your LG G3 connected to your computer. It can be easily resolved, follow the steps below:

  1. Connect your phone to computer with a USB cable and open Device manager on your computer
  2. Right click on the ‘Android Composite ADB Interface‘ entry and select uninstall
  3. In the uninstall pop-up that appears, tick ‘Delete the driver software for this device‘ checkbox and press the ‘Ok’ button.
  4. Disconnect your phone from your computer
  5. Disable USB debugging on your LG G3 from your phones Settings > Developer options > un-tick ‘USB debugging’ checkbox
  6. Put your phone in MTP mode
  7. Connect it back to your computer, and let the computer re-install drivers automatically. If it doesn’t re-installs driver, try toggling the ‘USB debugging’ option on your phone
  8. If it still fails to completely recognize your device in all three modes — MTP, ADB and Fastboot. Then try installing the drivers shared above again.

Other tips:

  • Connect your device to other USB ports on the computer
  • Try different USB cables. The original cable that came with your device should work best, if not — try any other cable that’s new and of good quality
  • Reboot computer
  • Try on a different computer

That’s all.

  • Catalinajack

    The Windows drivers did not work for my ATT LG G3. I’ve tried these and several other recommendations. None work for my G3.

    • Naeem Bari

      Got it working. I installed LG’s PC Sync s/w and connected the phone. It did not work, but I realized I was getting a notification on the phone relating to “Installing PC software” or some crap. I eventually muddled my way through turning on MTP on the phone. At some point the phone prompted me to allow usb debugging from my computer and presto, it installed the ADB driver. I don’t think you need LG’s PC Sync (which includes the driver) or just the driver by itself (which I was trying to use before) but some combination of this horse shit does eventually work. My S3 and Nexus 5 phones were cake by comparison. Get your crap together LG!

      • @naeembari:disqus It seems you’ve got it sorted. Anyway, I’ve updated the post with a troubleshooting tip and it’s somewhat similar to what you went through, only more detailed.

        • Naeem Bari

          Sweet! Thanks for putting in the effort. Pretty sure your post will get some traction as people run into G3 usb issues. I posted a link to your post on my blog (

    • @catalinajack:disqus I just updated the post with troubleshooting tips, it should definitely resolve your drivers issue. Let me know

  • Naeem Bari

    I second catalinajack. The windows drivers do NOT work for my win7_x64 box. They appear to install fine, and I have usb debugging enabled, but the ADB drivers doesn’t appear to actually install. Very frustrating! Anyone have any luck?

  • therealjamesg

    And how do we do the uninstall on OSX?

  • Kirk

    Thanks! I used the tip about uninstalling the old driver and turning off USB debugging. REhooked up phone to laptop and driver installed flawlessly and automatically. Great!

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