Download Galaxy S5 Apps for your Existing Samsung Galaxy Smartphone [APK Files]

Interested in trying the new stuff from Samsung Galaxy S5 on your existing Galaxy Smartphone?

In an interesting leak over at XDA, some of the apps from Galaxy S5 (quite many, indeed) got leaked as install-able APK files that can be side loaded on any of Samsung’s Galaxy smartphones which already have these premium suite of apps installed on board.

Below is the list of apps that have leaked:

  • S Note
  • Samsung WatchOn
  • Galaxy S5 Calculator
  • Gear Fit Manager
  • Galaxy Gear Manager
  • S Health
  • S Translator

This is only the second round of leak from Galaxy S5. Previously, the wallpaper from Galaxy S5 was leaked (which was then followed by custom variation of the wallpapers by fans).

Download: Samsung Galaxy S5 Wallpapers

The leaked apps from Galaxy S5 are all available for download as .apk files which you can sideload on your device and install like you’d install any other apk file.

Need help installing .apk files? Check out our guide on » How to Install APK files on Android.

Below are screenshots with download links to all the leaked Galaxy S5 apps.


If we talk about numbers, we get two major Operating Systems trying to snatch the crown from each other- Android and iOS.

Apple’s iOS is definitely known for it’s closed approach when it comes to customizability. To state that bluntly, Apple dictates the terms of the user interface to its users.

Android, on the other hand, is known for freedom to its users. And while it’s already enough customizable, users can go a step further by rooting their devices and unlocking even more hidden functionalities on their devices.


Here’s the picture — you’ve now dived-in deep into your Android smartphone and have just finished rooting it. If you have, you’re obviously smart enough and there’s absolutely no reason to explain that process to you all over again. But you must be looking to harness this new found feature of your device to the fullest by installing apps which specifically run only on devices which are rooted. No worries there though, as we have got you covered. Here’s a list of apps you must have on your rooted Android device:















If you’ve any suggestions or questions, feel free to let us know in comments below.

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  • Anonymous

    SNOTE is not working. Do I need to root my phone and download it via Download mode?

    • Neither root nor download mode required. Which device you got? And what’s the Android version?