Download eSIM Manager APK

eSIM is soon going to be the future of SIM cards on smartphones and Google just released an app on the Play Store to manage eSIM on Android devices. It’s probably of no use to you unless you’ve a device with eSIM capabilities. As of now, only the Google Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL feature this tech on Android.

The app will let users manage eSIM profiles for multiple operators without the need of changing SIM cards. Basically, eSIM manager will act as your device’ SIM tray where you swap SIM cards to change phone number or carrier.

eSIM Manager will let users download operator profiles for their mobile number and make it easy to switch between multiple mobile numbers. The technology has potential to take forward the use of dual SIM on a phone to any number of SIMs. However, we’re not sure if the app will add support for multiple SIM cards to be active at a given time.

You may not be able to download the app from Play Store since it’s compatible with only Google Pixel 2 currently. But if you’d like to install it on your device, you can grab the eSIM Manager apk from the download link below and install like you’d install any other APK file on your device.

Download eSIM Manager APK

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