Download Cyanogen Camera APK

The camera app from OnePlus One, Cyanogen Camera just got released to Play Store, but exclusively for the company’s own device. So clearly it isn’t a move to please the Android users in general, releasing the app to Play store makes it easier for manufactureres to roll out updates and hence Motorola, HTC and now OnePlus are realeasing their proprietory apps to Play store. But hey! Most of us have been a long time user of CyanogenMod, and flashing the ROM has always been a liberating experience. So knowing that a there’s an awesome release from the CM team in the Play Store and I can’t install is irritating.

Anyway, so, naturally I went ahead and pulled the Cyanogen Camera APK from Play Store to test it on my Nexus 5 running Android L, the apk file installed fine but sadly the app didn’t work. Also, tried to run the app on HTC One but that failed too.

I’m providing a download link below for the APK, but don’t expect it to work on your devices yet. For this to work either we’ll need someone to port the app for other devices or flash the CM 11s ROM on your device if it’s available.

Download Cyanogen Camera APKdownload link

  • st3rv

    Hey dude, any way you could upload the 2.0.004 apk as the previous version has a bug that prevents from shooting in 4k? That would be great!

  • Ash

    Thanks for the apk, seems to work fine on my Xperia Z running CM11 (FXP 344)