[APK] Chrome Beta for Android gets Material Design update

Google seems to be pushing out Material design upgrades to its apps for Android, beginning with Play Store v4.9 first and now with the beta release of Chrome 37. The update is already being pushed through Play store, so you should have it within the next few hours.

The Chrome Beta build 37 brings some of the material design elements to the app, mostly new transition animations and a neat spaced-out user interface. There are new icons and button styles, plus the incognito mode has received a re-design. If you’re doing a fresh install the sign-in process has also been simplified.

The update mostly brings UI changes, so you’re better off checking it out yourself. Grab the apk file from the downloads section below:

 icon-picture-o  SCREENSHOTS


 icon-download  Download Chrome Beta APK release 37 APK

Download the Chrome Beta APK release 37 with material design UI from the link below and install it normally like you’d install any other APK file.

Download Chrome Beta APK v37  download link.

For help with installing APK files, check out our step-by-step guide on  How to install APK files on Android.

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