Download Android L Ringtones, Notifications, UI, Alarm Sounds and Bootanimation

The lucky Nexus 5 and Nexus 7 owners have already got the chance to live with Android L on their devices while the rest of the world plays the wait game. But of course, some of the stuff from Android L is indeed available for the owners of other devices to use and try to feel happy about, like ringtones, alarm tones and UI sounds. Also the boot animation, but that may need tinkering for the particular device before being put to use without breaking the boot up itself.

Anyway, find the sounds from the Android L below. What you get is ringtones from the Android L, plus the alarm and UI sounds, as also notification sounds.

Download the sounds in .zip file format below on your Android device or PC and just extract them to Media folder on your internal sdcard, in respective folders of alarms, notifications, ringtones and ui. Don’t make new folder or break folder names for ease.


Also, here’s the boot animation in .zip format, as it is.

(June 27: Links updated/fixed.)

Let us know how much you are liking them.

UPDATE: Boot animation recovery flashable .zip file

Get the recovery flashable Android L boot animation zip file → from here.
└ Credits: ShOrTyNaToR

For help with flashing zip files, head on here →  How to flash zip files using CWM/TWRP recoveries.

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