[APK] Android Device Manager Now Supports Guest sign-in

The Android Device Manager is one service from Google that receives updates quite rarely, but when it does things surely gets exciting. After all, it deals with our phone’s anti-theft security and is the first thing we’d think of when (in case) our phone gets lost/stolen.

The Android Device Manager app is receiving update to version 1.2 starting today and with that Google is bringing support for Guest sign-in to the service. Guest sign-in allows anyone to login temporary on your Android Device Manager app and locate/ring/erase their phone.

Pretty useful when you have lost your phone and you’re out with no access to any other device of yours (a second phone/tablet/laptop) but have a friend with an Android phone by your side. You can grab his phone and guest sign-in through his Android Device Manager app to locate your device and get your heart-rate back to normal.

Google has begun pushing out the update and should reach you in the next few minutes, hours or days. If the latter has always been the case for you, we’d suggest downloading the Android Device Manager APK v1.2 directly to your Android device and install it right away. Who knows if there’s a thief near you?

Download Android Device Manager APK v1.2

Download the Android Device Manager APK file from the link below install it just like you’d install any other apk file. For help, check out our page on How to Install APK files on Android.

Android Device Manager APKdownload link.

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