Details about HTC One M9 front panel design leaks!

Fans of HTC and Android will take heart from rumor of the day, that the new front panel of the HTC One M9 will be similar to that of HTC Nexus 9 (the pic above), that it will feature an edge-to-edge glass panel at the front, with cutouts only for speaker grills.

We’ve been talking about HTC One M9, aka HTC Hima, being very identical to One M8, which actually turned out as hoax –even thought the pics leaked of that — as the company was using M8’s design solely for the reason of keeping the beautiful deign — a part, actually — you are seeing above.

It’s more than clear now that HTC One M9 is not a minor upgrade on One M8, design-wise. Rather it would feature an edge-to-edge glass panel at the front, and to make that possible, the speaker grill and black bar where HTC’s logo used to live, have politely moved to their new residence. That, in case of HTC Logo and is One M9’s bottom end of the glass. While for those cool speaker grills, well, they reside under the glass, both at top and bottom, and span around 50% of the top and bottom edges, with 45 degree cut. Inspired from HTC Nexus 9? Yes, yes.

It’s been said that the new HTC One M9 is looking much ‘slicker’ and quite ‘more refined’ thanks to these design tweaks. This looks like Sony a bit, but when you think it along the metal build at the back, you can almost feel the touch of a new premium build.

HTC One M9 specs were confirmed one more time earlier today, and it’s worth your visit (link below).

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HTC One M9 is expected to feature a 5″ display with Full HD resolution, that Snapdragon 810 for LG may sue Qualcomm, 3GB RAM, and according to our fav rumor, a 20MP camera at the back, while 4MP ultrapixel camera in the front. Android 5.0.2 is a given, with new HTC Sense 7 set to make debut with One M9, too.

There are also rumors about the HTC One M9 Plus, which would be based on the design of One M9 only, only that it will be larger, and it could feature a fingerprint scanner too, with Quad HD 5.5″ display on board, while rest of the specs remain similar to that of HTC One M9.

HTC is geared up to launch the One M9 on March 1 at MWC in Barcelona, and we can already feel the joy of that unveil, today. When HTC makes a design change, one has to sit and take notice. No?

And there’s a fitness band, too, in tow.

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    I’m starting to get excited for the m9+. I have a Note 3 and absolutely hate the speaker and then those idiots at Samsung moved the speaker to the back and then insulted my intelligence saying that the N4 speaker is louder (great, now it’s easier to block & I’d have to use more battery to get the same volume). The only thing I’m worried about is not wanting to go down in screen size from 5.7 to 5.5″.