Verizon releases update to Desire 530 with latest security patches [1.08.603.41]

HTC Desire 530, a budget phone from HTC released back in Q1 of 2016, has received an update at Verizon. It’s coming in as software version 1.08.603.41, with latest security updates that may or may note be the November/October one.

This is part of the monthly security patch updates Google releases for its Android devices, and if you care about your device’s security, then definitely go for this. It’s still based on Marshmallow, so no change on Android version front, which isn’t expected in future updates either — truth be told.

Samsung Galaxy J3 2016, which was a competitor to HTC Desire 530, is due for revision in 2017, and we just heard some geeky tidbits about it, which you can find here: Galaxy J3 2017 specs.

Look out for the exciting news HTC has for you for this Black Friday sale (One A9). Meanwhile, HTC software dept. is keeping busy with Nougat updates preparation, with screenshots leaking for the HTC 10 Android 7.0 build, and a release date appearing officially for the One M9 Nougat build.

The official update is the way to Nougat upgrade for both HTC 10 and One M9, as we’re yet to see an unofficial build like CM14 appear for either of these two HTC flagships, where once the most popular HTC sets were kind-of a launchpad for CM updates. The One M8 and original One M7 are still having some happy moments with Nougat via CM14.1, which is available for loads of devices now.

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