[Deal] Get Google Home for just $110 at Rakuten and additional points worth $16.5 with a promo code

Google Home is now available for only $110 at Rakuten online store. The offer is valid for US customers only. It’s a pretty good deal as the regular price of the device is around $130.

Rakuten is giving an additional discount of $20 on the Google Home via a coupon code. However, you do not need to apply this coupon yourself, since it’s pre-applied to the Google Home listing. The offer will be available until May 19th.


If you’re a Rakuten Rewards member, you can avail an additional discount of $16.5 through Rakuten Super Points buy using the 15C5O promo code at checkout. To know more about the offer, check out the Rakuten link down below.

Google Home is a hands-free smart speaker powered by Google Assistant. This deal may seem tempting, but we did come across another hot deal where the device was up for grabs at only $64 at Walmart.

Buy Google Home for $110 at Rakuten

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