Dead Sony Xperia Z being reported, Sony says fix coming soon via software update

Sony’s pawn on the chess board this year is the Xperia Z, which the company is marketing heavily, and a device that will be greatly challenged by the likes of the HTC One and the Samsung Galaxy S4. So it’s rather important that Sony doesn’t face any obstacles if it intends to make the Xperia Z a huge success.

However, a major issue is now being reported by some owners of the Xperia Z – apparently, the smartphone is suddenly dying for some reason, failing to turn back on. One of the reasons being given is low battery, though even those with adequately charged devices are seeing the issue, so there’s probably something else causing the trouble.

A solution right now is to hold down the¬†Volume Up + Power¬†buttons for 10-20 seconds, which hard resets the device and turns it on, though not everyone has had success with this method. Even worse, the hard reset isn’t a permanent fix, as multiple users have reported that the phone simply dies again after a few days, requiring yet another hard reset.

Sony has said it has identified the issue and that a fix will be implemented in the next software update, and while it won’t help those already affected, it should prevent it happening in the future. Hopefully Sony will also start shipping new Xperia Z’s running on the updated software out of the box as soon as possible, which was a step Samsung took when the Galaxy S3 ran into the same issue.

Until that fix rolls out though, it would be a good idea to put off your purchase of the Xperia Z. Or if you’ve already gotten one, maybe you should make sure the battery doesn’t run too low so you can prevent at least one of the reasons for the issue.


Via: Xperia Blog

  • I had the same problem with Xperia U. When it dies I recharge it through USB 3.0 , and so far I’ve got it back to life 3 times.

  • slackie

    i have the same problem with the samsung S3 running cynogenmod. and my friends with stock S3 roms are also having this issue? so is it sony or andriod?