Google starts sending DayDream VR Promo code to Pixel users

Those who pre-order Google Pixel and Pixel XL with Google were given a pretty cool deal, a free Daydream View VR set, worth $80. But the Daydream View set wasn’t available yet, so users had to wait until it was launched and Google got them one.

Today, we’re seeing Pixel users receive an email from Google with a Promo code to make Daydream VR free, thanks to their purchase of Google Pixel on pre-order. The above screenshot is just that.

Google demonstrated the possibilities of the the Daydream VR set at Unite 2016 Los Angeles, including roaming virtual worlds, movies and games. App developers are developing apps exclusively for the device including YouTube, Hulu, Netflix, Home Run Derby, NFS etc. to be available soon.

If you bought a Pixel device on pre-order you are owed a free Daydream View VR set by Google too. Keep an eye on your mail Inbox as the promo code could drop anytime now. Once you get it, go ahead and buy it the Daydream view from Play Store.

BTW, the Pixel and Pixel XL are due for a new update in build NMF26I, which is based on Android 7.1.1, and looks set for release in December first week.

Thanks JamesScottJr!

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