Daily Cool Android Apps [17th May 2011]

Mr. Block Free

It’s sort of a ‘Brain n Puzzle‘ game as its categorization in the android market also suggests but it’s so fun that you won’t hesitate the brainy stuff it requires. What this means is that it’s not boring while remaining challenging enough to pass your time just fine. What you need to do is coloring the same color of the block on the box with that colored block — for ex, in the pic above, your goal remains moving the pink, purple and yellow boxes to those colored squares, but making way for that is fun and challenge.

[button link=”http://market.android.com/details?id=com.Wuzla.game.Block_AD” icon=”arrow” style=””]Download Mr. Block Free[/button]

3D Weapons


Wanna kill the Osama Bin Laden again? Just take one of his pic out and use the 3D weapons app to shoot him with the guns and pistols on your screen — heck, the app even produces a blood effect on shooting to make it look real at the best, and you can share that bloodified pic your friend (or post it to internet) to claim some serious D points.

[button link=”http://market.android.com/details?id=com.mobiledevgroup.GunApp3D” icon=”arrow” style=””]Download 3D Weapons[/button]

SD Booster


You may not really complaint about the the speed of your sd card but there’s an app that claims to increase the card’s speed by upto 40 times — eh! I, for one, am pretty satisfied with my Galaxy S’ card’s speed but hose of you who are experiencing slow transfer speed or slow loading of apps, can try this app. The developer claims it can improve the transfer speeds when you copy stuff from/to computer as well as when running apps. Btw, its free — that’s one more reason to just try it and think later whether their was any problem with the card or not. BUT, you need a rooted phone to run this, okay. Once you’ve installed the app on rooted android device and has granted precious superuser permission, select the appropriate Cache Size to increase the speed — the more it is the better the card’s speed is. I think increasing cache size to more than 1000 KB isn’t a  good idea — just keep this in mind.

[button link=”http://market.android.com/details?id=de.mehrmann.sdbooster” icon=”arrow” style=””]Download SD Booster[/button]

Drinking Water


Hey, that’s one cool app that might actually make you smile on your phone every couple of hours. Why not, if your phone takes care to remind you about drinking water in such a nice and beautiful way, you’ll definitely be amazed — oh yes, only if you’re like me. I really liked this app. Just tell the app the no. of cups you’ve marked for daily drinking and the app will remind you accordingly. Once you’ve complied with the reminder, mark one cup to report back the drinking. Doing that will allow the app to get you a nice excel-esque bar chart graph indicating the no. of cups of water you’ve been sipping for the no of days, each day wise. Cool, definitely!

[button link=”http://market.android.com/details?id=chickpin.water” icon=”arrow” style=””]Download Drinking Water[/button]

Blue Neon Theme


You need a Go Launcher EX home replacement application to use this theme. If you’re using one, download this theme and then go to: Menu > Preferences > Theme preferences > Choose Blue Neon Theme.

[button link=”http://market.android.com/details?id=com.BahagHariArts.BlueNeonPlusGoTheme” icon=”arrow” style=””]Download Blue Neon Theme[/button]

Pirate Bound


If you’re looking for one arcade-action game, stop by the Pirate Bound android game which features a ship fully loaded destructive weapons of many sorts and loads of enemy to fire weapons at. Showcase your skills in moving the ship efficiently as well as shooting the enemies down to re-claim the lost empire. The game’s free for some time only — no idea how much — but why not just grab one copy from the market before it starts demanding credit card info, eh!

[button link=”http://market.android.com/details?id=com.perblue.pirates” icon=”arrow” style=””]Download Pirate Bound[/button]

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    These daily cool apps are fantastic.  If it wasn’t for you guys, I wouldn’t be trying apps that I would normally not use….thank you

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