Cyanogenmod 11 aka CM11 arrives for Nexus 5 in alpha builds

It didn’t take long, right? After all, it was only yesterday that CM team pushed the CM11 builds, based on Android 4.4, KitKat, to public, and we already have the Cyanogenmod 11 available for the Nexus 5.

While Nexus 5 is already and the only device officially on KitKat, Cyanogenmod custom ROM still makes a lot of sense as it brings lots of cool features that are missing in stock Android OS by Google.

Speaking of which, not many features of the CM11 have made it to current alpha builds of the ROM, but now that the development and building has been set out, it shouldn’t take much time in for the devs to come up with a cool nightly build initially, and then a release candidate.

Btw, android devices on which KitKat is already available unofficially, are:

This is not the official build from the CM team, btw. But we expect the official build, a nightly version of the CM11 ROM, to come soon.

In order to install the Cyanogenmod 11 on your Nexus 5, you will need to have a custom recovery, for which you will need to unlock the bootloader of your nexus 5 first. We will have a guide for you shortly, with everything you need to know and do covered well in there, so just wait up for that and till then, keep drooling over the sheer prospect of running CM11 on Nexus 5 within few hours.

NOTE: As this was a very alpha build, it’s already run into problems. The current CM11 for Nexus 5 isn’t booting up, so, we have got to wait for a little bit more stable before we churn out a guide to install the CM11 on Nexus 5.

Via XDA (KonstantinKeller)

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    Are you stupid? This is not cm. This “developer” (yes I used quotes) is in high school. Anyone can run a couple build commands off of someone’s github.

    This “build” (yes I used quotes) has many bugs, exactly the reason why the cm team hasn’t released a build themselves; or else they would have.

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