CrucialTek announces displays with integrated fingerprint scanner, open sesame becomes placing your finger on the screen

We have all admired the fingerprint scanner that comes with some smartphones at one time or another. After all, its quite something else unlocking your phone simply by placing your finger on the home button rather than the relatively long and cumbersome process of typing in a password. However, since the scanner is usually embedded in the home button, the devices must of necessity have large bottom bezels in order to accommodate the scanners, take a look at the iPhone or the Galaxy S5.

However, Korean bio metric company CrucialTek has managed to patent a technology that may allow manufacturers to introduce devices with fingerprint scanners installed in the display itself — and not on the home buttons — which may lead to thinner bezels. According to CrucialTek, a phone featuring this technology may just see its daylights in the next quarter  — Meizu MX5 maybe?? which definitely wont have its scanner on the home button this time around — and since apple has also patented something like this, we may just have a bevy of smartphones with these on display scanner that do not hurt our eyes with their absurd screen-to-phone ratios.

CrucialTek’s touchscreen finger scanning prototype

The technology employed is thought to be CrucialTek’s  Matrix-Switching Touchscreen Panel (MS-TSP), but we cant really say anything for sure at this point. Hopefully, we will have only a few months to wait.

Source: KoreaHerald