Cortana, Microsoft’s Voice Assistant to Arrive on Android in July

cortana android

It is known that Microsoft has great plans for the Google Now styled Cortana service and the ones that extend further than Windows on both the desktop and smartphones. The firm has shared what it is planning to do with these plans.

A blog post says that Cortana will be arriving on Android as a beta version in July. The Windows 10 platform will include Cortana for desktop and laptops and it is slated to be released on July 29.

Microsoft states that the Android app of Cortana will be working as a companion to the Cortana on the Windows 10 PC. What Microsoft is intending to mention remains unclear, but it looks like the Cortana on Android will be limited to the Windows 10 users alone in the initial stages.


Cortana functions similar to the web-connected functions as its challengers Google Now and Siri. The updated version will perform functions that are specific to the Microsoft software ecosystem.

Cortana will be well received by the users even in the early phone-only implementation. The synthetic voice engine from Microsoft is relatively better than the Google and Apple offerings of voice assistants.

We are yet to see how use the Cortana integration will be for the non-Windows computers and the completely integrated functionalities of Cortana.

Source: Windows Blog

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