Cool Cases and Covers for Motorola Droid 4

Motorola Droid 4 Cases

Being the owner of a smart-phone on the top of the food-chain has its own perks, but not just that, it’s also another ‘case’ if you want to protect it from nudges and scratches. And this is where the custom cases and covers come into the picture..

This time around we will be covering another powerful android phone, the Motorola Droid 4 (i.e. the XT894). The online market, specifically Amazon, is flush with options with cases for the Droid 4.

So without much ado, lets move-on to our top picks:

1) Otterbox MOT4 Commuter Case


Amazing protection and awesome style, that’s how the manufacturers of this case describes it. There’s a silicone inner layer to absorb impact, and there’s another outer layer to deflect damage. All the features of the Droid work perfectly from within the case.

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2) PureGear Silicone Soft Case


The PureGear Silicone Sofy case is made from high quality flexible and durable silicone that has that tinge of softness at the same time. This case is thus, provides a good protection from daily wear and tear and is worth a try for those looking for the same.

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3) Graphic Rubberised Shield Hard Case


Personalization along-with protection, that’s precisely what this case offers for your Droid 4. It comprises of a graphic-rubberized shield hard case and the back is covered with a fashionable design which can make your phone stand-out. It has reinforced hard plastic on the sides, front edges and the back which increase the endurance of your Droid by a great degree.

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4) Skinomi TechSkin – Black Carbon Fiber Film shield


A break-through in mobile protection technology, at least that’s what they call it. The Skinomi Carbon-Fiber series isn’t exactly a case, but the manufacturers claim that it provides the same kind of protection as is provided by a dedicated case. To be precise, it mainly comprises of a thin film of carbon fiber-like skin (just .1 mm thick) which is virtually impenetrable and gives your device that elegant feel. (This is a film, and not a case.)

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5) Diamond Crystal Bling


This one will definitely add the ‘wow’ factor to your Droid as it is made of high quality plastic with studded with simulated diamonds and gems which give it an unmatched look and feel. Hence, you are guaranteed of protection as well as added protection for your device.

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6) Spring Flower Case


Visual flare, and added protection that’s what this case will add to your Droid 4! It is perfectly designed keeping in mind all the features and ports available on the Droid 4.

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7) Blue/Pink Rubberised Hard Cover Case


Constructed with a high quality plastic that also has a Rubberized-layer for even more protection and added grip, this case is definitely a good option for lovers of funky-colors. The case is made from perfect cutouts so-as to make all the functions easily accessible. Also the rubberized texture works great for avoiding slipping from hand or other surfaces.

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8) 3D Bow Tie Black with Full Rhinestones Faceplate


Versatility, style, quality and convenience. These are the pros that this case provides as it has an exquisite look and feel to it along-with the obvious aim of protecting your device.

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9) Skinomi Light Wood Film Shield


The Natural Wood Series from Skinomi features a classy, professional and nature-inspired look that has a textural feel quite identical to actual pine-wood or Cherry wood. It also protects the device from accidental scratches or nudges and yet, is surprisingly thin. (This is a film, and not a case)

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10) Frost skull Graphic Case


This Case has a detailed graphic design complete with a clear-coat finish which gives protection in a new stylish avatar.  Also, the snap-on mechanism is easy to install and is thus convenient enough.

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10. Yes. That’s precisely the number of cases we covered. But we ain’t saying that there is any scarcity of different kinds of cases for your Droid 4, neither have we covered all the ‘good’ cases available. Amazon is flush with even more choices. So what are you waiting for? Go ahead and grab the one you feel is most appropriate for you and your beloved device!