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  • Royce De Guzman

    please any one help me, I’m trying to update my software from 2.2.1 to 2.3.4 my phone is a Galaxy S GT-I9003, it’s been 15 mins, and the message in Odin  is still setup connection, anybody please help  me. thank you

    • Disconnect your phone. And just switch it on.

      And DON’T TRY AGAIN. The Android 2.3.4 firmwares that we have posted on our
      blog are all meant for Galaxy S i9000 only.

      So you may brick your phone if you try to flash them on your Galaxy S i9003.
      On Jul 19, 2011 7:48 AM, “Disqus”

      • Shivam Meghani

        So how can we update SGS I9003 to gingerbrerad? 

        Reply Fast..

  • Perico

    I would like to now if I can update my Galaxy S GT-I9000T from 2.1 to 2.2.1 software with EZrom.
    Thanks for all the help

  • Perico

    I would like to now if I can update my Galaxy S GT-I9000T from 2.1 to 2.2.1 software with EZrom.
    Thanks for all the help

  • Himanshukhora

    i would like to update my htc incridible s  plz help me

  • Himanshukhora

    i would like to update my htc incridible s  plz help me

  • Himanshukhora

    i would like to update my htc incridible s  plz help me

  • Himanshukhora

    i would like to update my htc incridible s  plz help me

  • rfktech9

    how do i get my photos off of my galaxy s

  • rfktech9

    how do i get my photos off of my galaxy s

  • hey there i need some help..
    right now i m on darky’s 10.2 EE
    should i follow your video guide to flash MIUI????
    or there is any other way???
    Please guide me 

  • Jasonweiss30

    I just flashed EZRom to my Galaxy S Vibrant and now the boot screen in stuck in loop, I cannot get rocovery or download mode to work. Any suggestions?

  • Dabideen Deran

    Ok so ICS source code had now been released by google. How long before we get a custom ROM featuring ICS for the Galaxy S 2?

  • Donderbjr

    Is ICS available for the Sprint samsung galaxy s2…..

    • No.

      We’ve no idea why any developer hasn’t started porting it to Sprint’s variant of S2. But I think porting won’t be hard, and once these WIP ports gets some stability, you’ll have a port for your phone pretty soon too, then. I think porting a rom from one Samsung Galaxy S2 to other won’t be that laborious task. We’ll see, anyway, and if when we find one, we’ll report it for sure.

  • Ashish

    is it possible  to update 2.3.3 to 2.3.5

  • Sammyservices

    Anyone…camera focus on 4.0 ics ? And yes, you can update from 2.3.3 to 2.3.5. In fact, I did 2.3.5 from 2.3.3. to 2.3.7 . Very nice !

    • Gonna take time. And no ETAs 🙁

  • Shivam Meghani

    Is SAMSUNG Galaxy S i9000 available anymore?

  • Bikram

    Waiting for Kapil to guide us to the latest Galaxy s I9000XWJW1 Android 2.3.6

    • Sure thing, just replied to you 🙂

  • Bikram

    Root for Galaxy s I9000XWJW1 Android 2.3.6 ? Please. Trying from last so many hours but can’t root.

  • Sameer

    Hinni tried to upgrade the os using the tutorials given over your web site for Samsung Galaxy Se (GT 9003)nn1) got downloads of the file Odin3 v1.7 & I9000XXJVSn2) pluged the cell in download mode and sinc with odin s/w got sucess full message and pass in Greennnafter that phone screen gets blank no response like dead, i really dont know what to do next please guid and advise.nnregardsnSameer

  • Subhrajitbhowmik10

    hi evry1 want toupgrade my samsung galaxy s toice cream sandwich so please help me..

  • kazi_jabir

    i have samsung galaxy s i cant put my phone on download mode or recovery mode i tried to put phone on download mode by pressing(vol down+home+power) and recovery(vol up+home+power) but when i tried phone is started how can this problem is solved pls help me i have galaxy s in orange network my firmware is 2.1

  • Mclaughlin Peter

    reason my miui isn’t updating anymore past v1.12.23 for galaxy S1 ?
    miui support has not responded to me, nor has anyone an answer. I’ve
    tried 3g and wifi updates. And their webpage in any browser,
    pc/laptop/mac/ipad, the website is cached… not updated? suddenly like a
    year old, the webpage is mia?

  • Dguitarified

    So.. Just making sure, “GT-i9000” from the “COMPATIBILITY” box strictly means that the Model number from the phone needs to be ONLY “GT-I9000” right? So if my Model number is “GT-I9000M” instead of “GT-I9000” it wouldn’t work? 

    I’ve searched up in the search tool box of this site and there wasn’t anything that mentioned “GT-I9000M” so I was just wondering before I actually loaded up the file. I’d be glad if you can answer back to my email if it is possible or not. Thank You!

    • It has to be gt-i9000 only. It may work out for i9000m too. But I’m not too much sure of that.

      So, you can still try this and it may work out fine for you.

      But, try this only if you know how to install a i9000m firmware back on your phone to restore things back you current rom. Do take adequate backups (from titanium backup and clockworkmod recovery). Good luck!

      Also, if you try this, do let us know how it works out for you.



  • Almotem M 28


  • Tornado91

    ciao vorei sapere dove posso trovare il file se potete fornitemi il link  e poi con che programma aprite super  rispondete sulla email complimenti per il lavoro ameno che potete via email inviarmi quello che vo chiesto grazie 

  • Sam

    Hi there,
    I am looking for specific information on upgrading my samsung galaxy s gt i9000″T”. I have found lots of helpful info on your site for the i9000 but nothing really specific to i9000T. I am looking to see what further firmware upgrades i can do from 2.3.3. Any help would be much appreciated.

  • We asked specifically in the thread not to mirror, can you please fix and redirect back to ACS for the download link? We dont mind providing links, but ask that you honor our requests. Thank you.

    PLEASE DON’t POST DOWNLOAD LINK ANYWHERE ELSE.. Just link to this thread.

    ACS Admin

  • Aston1002

    trying to flash my arc s on the page it says iteams needed it let me download flashtool then i try the ftf file but no luck ive saved it as file but it doesnt say ftf file when copied to firmwares it doesnt come up when pressing flash

  •  Hey ma i want u do some work on the atrix 2 cause it is a gud device and deserves some luv from u guys and some cool roms

  • Shine Appu

    can u please help me install android on my mobile …while trying to upgrade my samsung s gt i9000 the os is corrupted …now i am unable to install anything only the initial screen is coming ….please help 

    • Install xxjvs on your i9000. Search for xxjvs on this site.

    • Sherlocksujith

      can u tell me how u solved it.. same problem here.. pls 

  • Rahulpuri88

    Hey i upgraded my samsung galaxy s2 via odin to 2.3.6 baseband-i9100ddkl1 now wen i connect my mob with kies it shows this device does not support upgrading via kies how yo bring that option back please help

  • Mcsalamouny

    I have galaxy i9003. android version 2.2.1. can I upgrade it to ice cream sandwich?

  • Veju_sese

    what to do???  plz help, i just accidently turned of my samsung galaxy s2 while instalation process!!!!! (yes yes, the battery was removed) and phone just stoped showng any signs of life…. 😀
    however now even those “Volume_UP+Home+Power” can’t help with or without battery…please, help :Dcomputer don’t recognice my phone anymore…

    • I think you need to use USB Jig in order to boot your S2 into Download Mode. Search for it on your local eBay site. It doesn’t cost much, around 2-5 US Dollars. Otherwise, take it to your local Samsung dealer.

  • helpppp mmeeee

    i tried to flash my rom into HTC Sensation gets a new AOSP Ice Cream Sandwich ROM — Virtuous Quattroand
    Sense 4.0 and Android 4.0.3 Based Custom ROM for HTC Sensation — Virtuous S4Xafter wipe as the guide and install i did “reboot my system now” then it stuck in bootloop how can install the rom?((i did a super CID))still doesnt workplizz any one???

  • Epostolache

    Hello! I urgently need your help. I feel that my galaxy s is bricked. Let me explain you exactly what happend. I was running XXJVS on my phone. I tried to root it and i followed the exact steps given in your tutorial on this site. Odin got stuck Setup Connection. As a result i got the battery out of my device and then i tried to reinstall xxjvs. All went well and after odin installed the xxjvs firmware, on my phone appeared the galaxy s logo, and then, it asked for a password. i couldn’t start my galaxy s at all. i have to enter the password i have no ideea what it is. after that, i tried to instal the xxjvu and again i had to enter a password. Please help me. Please. I dont want to loose my phone. Please. If it is necessary i can donate for you no problem but i dont want to loose my phone

  • Krajniklukc

    I have recently been updating my SGS on OS version 2.3.6 (downloaded from your site – “XXJVU”) and i installed it corectly. Phone is working as it should. I got stuck on rooting this version as i get “fail” message in Odin when i want to flash .tar file (PDA). 

    I would be very happy if u could help me out with this.

  • Arpansaha220

    Is Samaung Galaxy S II 19100G will upgrade into ICS android 4.0 operating system

  • Arpansaha220

    Is there any firmware launched for Samsung Galaxy S II GT-19100G?

    • Abhijeet Mishra

      Unfortunately, no. Samsung seems to be focusing on the I9100. The I9100G may get it, but at a later date. 

  • shreshth mohan

    my galaxy s is heating everytime when im using internet and when charging.
    i m having galaxy s GT-i9000,2-3-6 XXJW4.

  • Mark

    Please, I’m using GT-I9100G with the following firmware: PDA: I9100GXXLC1, PHONE: I9100GXXKLA, CSC: I9100GOJVLA2 and GINGERBREAD.XXLC1. I am in Ghana, West Africa and want to upgrade my phone to the latest version of ICS. Where do i find the firmware to download or upgrade, since my kies (2.0 version) can’t detect the firmware? Thank you.

    • No ICS for i9100G yet 🙁
      Stay on your current firmware.

  • Hexamob Developments

    Hi all, I’ve the pleasure to announce I’ve published “Hexamob Recovery PRO” v3.0.

    Our app allows you to recover deleted files from both external memory in tablets or smartphones. Support for internal memory in all tablets and smartphones is the most important feature of this update as it is supposed to be virtually impossible to recover some deleted an internal mermory in Galaxy Nexus and android tablets).

    New features added to the app:

    – Support for ANDROID TABLETS internal memory and GALAXY NEXUS (we’re the only one with this kind of support).
    – Support vfat (sdcard) and ext2,ext3,ext4 filesystems.
    – Support for hundred of file types.
    – Support USB storage devices (if your ROM detect it like a USB massive storage device).
    – New UI
    – New “Request your filetype” tool to let users to request for a customized file type. We update the app with this filetype quickly.
    – New Total Recovery method. ( it recovers a lot of files in a little time ).
    – Secure erase tool added to let user delete “confidential” files permanently and dont let recover them in future.

    Available in Google Play store following these links:



    Thanks, Hexamob.



    • Are you still suffering from the problem you mentioned? Or you have already corrected it? Let me know if help needed.

  • flash my xperia 8 too new kernel E15_nAa-11_2.6.29.6-nAa-11.ftf but when i install ginger or gapps
    after reboot the startup screen just repert it selv but OS never stsrt

    on above article,
    i have questions, linked to the article,

    is that after install Cf-root, can i uninstall CWM, and replace with Touch CWM?

  • on

    I also already rooted with CF-root, then i installed Touch CWM, but i
    got the message as some user say.
    CWM manager says “This version of CWM Manager should be used with CF-CWM
    v1.1 or newer”
    btw, where can i find the touch cwm?

    • or more specific, it says it disabled some feature, could you please
      tell me what features that have been disabled?

  • Shikha

    Hi Kapil,

    Can we hv ur contact details as I am trying to contact you.I want to join your work.So,Kindly lemme Know the details

  • kalwar

    hey kapil, How can we tun heavy games on galaxy s I9000 as gangster rio, gta 3, etc

  • kalwar

    How can we run heavy games on galaxy s I9000

  • OptimuS

    Any ICS ROMs for LG Optimus Black?

  • Mike

    Samsung galaxy note for at&t is my phone

  • fastow2012

    Which Play store version works with the Coby MID9740? I tried the 3.10 & 3.4 but after installation it won’t even launch at all…please help

  • Please advise how to display the file name in Odin PDA? The file never show out at all