CM Theme Engine gets Galaxy S6 Marvel Avenger theme ported (Iron Man, Captain America, Thor and Hulk)

Not many of you would be donning a Galaxy S6, but must ave found the Marvel Avenger themes that are available for the device. Well, worry not, as many as four cool themes from the Galaxy S6 have been ported to CyanogenMod theme engine, that comes with CM12.1 custom ROM.

Because CyanogenMod is available on lots of phones, there is good chance you can have fun with this themes on your own device now. Just make sure you have the CM12.1 custom ROM, based on Android 5.1, or any custom ROM that uses CM12.1’s theme engine. Some themes might not work on CM12’s theme engine. Credit for the themes port goes to ThunderSky7!, thanks.

As regards, what and what comes themed with these CM12.1 themes, check out the list below.

  • Camera
  • Eleven
  • Contacts
  • Phone
  • Dialer
  • StatusBar
  • PowerMenu
  • LockScreen
  • GoogleNow
  • Trebuchet Launcher
  • MMS
  • CMFileManager
  • Sound Recorder

Download the theme from this thread, post no. 2. Theme of Iron Man, Captain America, Thor and Hulk are already available for download.

To install, make sure you on CM12.1 ROM, or on any ROM that comes with CM12.1 theme engine. Would be based on Android 5.1. Now, download the theme, extract the .7z file to get the APK of the theme. Transfer the APK to phone, and then install APK. Open themes app, or choose Themes in Settings, then select the theme of your choice, and apply. Enjoy!

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