Chevrolet’s Active Phone Cooling system will prevent overheating of smartphones


Your smartphone is prone to get overheated quickly if you had been listening to music or charging it in your car. For this reason, the vehicles have started featuring an inbuilt wireless charging pad to enhance the usability of the device.

Chevrolet has come up with a new technology called Active Phone Cooling that is essential in an air conditioned vehicle especially for the sake of your smartphone.

This new system will be implemented on the vehicles featuring the wireless charging facility onboard. The list includes models such as Volt, Cruze, Malibu and Impala that are slated to be launched soon.

The idea behind using this technology is to make your phone sit on the wireless charging pad. A vent on the charging pad below shoots cold air to the smartphone. Though the process seems to be simple, it remains quite effective.

The Active Phone Cooling will be activated when the driver turns on the HVAC system that will require A/C on it to cool down the phone. The above mentioned models should support Qi wireless charging and so you can use the new technology with any smartphone in the market that supports the wireless charging feature.

Via: Android Authority