Check out the OnePlus Oxygen OS screenshots, the upcoming new ROM for OnePlus One users

Oxygen OS

OnePlus has been in controversy recently with the Cyanogen OS team, the software that currently runs on OnePlus One. The controversy led to end-of-business between the two companies, and only recently OnePlus announced that they will be bringing an OS of their own, held a contest for its name, and finally settled with the Oxygen OS name.

Now, the OnePlus One users are obviously waiting desperately to know more about the new OS they will be receiving on their One devices. OnePlus announced that the Oxygen OS will be released on 12th February, but thanks to folks over at MyDrivers, some screenshots of Oxygen OS has been leaked and it looks nice.


Oxygen-OS1 Oxygen-OS-Screens

OnePlus’s good taste of design is reflecting in the Oxygen OS interface. There are flat colors and a new slimmer battery bar in the status bar. Also, the styling of launcher with those app groups is looking cool. It’ll be interesting to see the final build of Oxygen OS on 12th February. Stay tuned..

via MyDrivers

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