Challenge Your Reflexes With One Of The Best Motorcycle Survival Game On Android ─ Lane Splitter


Lane Splitter is a fast paced motorcycle survival Android game, which is being played by more than 8 million android users and the new updates have certainly increased its popularity.

This game is intuitive and challenges your reflexes to survive while racing against unpredictable traffic (just like in real life). It’s one of those games which are definitely easy to learn but hard to master.

Great graphics, smooth controls, beautifully rendered 3D environments, lifelike character animations and physics are some of the great features of this game.

You can brag about your score on Facebook or Twitter and challenge your friends on Facebook. Also, the Halloween surprise in this game is something you just can’t miss.

Overall an awesome game, with a rating of 4.4, works on Android 2.0.1 and up. And is free to download at the Android market.

Download Lane Splitter Here