Carriers verdict on the Galaxy S6: We love it!! But will the Users feel the same?

So the MWC is just around the corner and with it, the release of Samsung’s Galaxy S6. And like with all flagship phones, there is about a ton of rumors floating around this one. It does make one wonder, where do these rumors actually come from. While it may sound a bit odd, the usual practice among major smartphone manufacturers is to officially release teasers and videos while unofficially implanting little tid-bits into the public information stream that is the internet via various third party websites. Both these methods combine to generate the much needed hype and give the the Smartphone an aura of mystery.

Anyways, according to a report by the “Korea Herald” Samsung showed its new flagships — and its not the first time it has done so — including the S6 and the S6 Edge to representatives of several different carriers including T-Mobile, Sprint, Vodafone, and SK Telecom and apparently it garnered much applause from them, with some proclaiming the S6 Edge to be superior from iPhone 6 in terms of design while others stating the two phones to be the best of the best among Samsung-made Smartphones.

However, quoting an analyst with the Korea Herald, praise from the carriers is not a sure shot guarantee of success, something that Samsung should pay special heed to after last year when going by carriers incorrect predictions of 20% more demand for the S5 than the S4, Samsung sold 40% less of the S5 than its own forecasts.


So, while rave reviews from carriers are all well and good, and while everything that we have heard about the S6 seems to point to a superb device with a metal body, improved design, implementation of new technology and a whole host of glittering features, lets not commit to anything just yet. And with the MWC just 4 days away, we will soon know whether the carriers opinions match those of the customers this time around.

  Source: Korea Herald