You can now buy Nexus Player and its Gamepad at Best Buy and Newegg

Google released the Nexus Player late last year and the device was exclusively available through Google Play, but only until now. As rumored previously, the Nexus Player is now finally available for purchase at Best Buy and Newegg. And thankfully, the pricing remains the same $99 as it’s on Google Play.

Also, the Asus Gamepad, which is essential for the Nexus Player’s gaming capabilities, is also now available for purchase at the two retailers for $39.


In case you don’t know, Nexus Player is the Android thing for the big screen in your house. You can hookup the Nexus Player with your TV and run Android Apps, Games, watch Movies and such stuff, all tailored with UI enhancements for a bigger screen. If you’ve always wanted to make your TV smarter and run Android, Nexus Player is your best bet. And coupled with wireless Gamepad, it is also a great Android gaming console that kids in the house are definitely going to love.

Nexus Player: Best Buy  |  Newegg

Nexua Player Gamepad: Best Buy | Newegg

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