Why Buy Oppo R5, as pre-order begin?

oppo r5 pre-order

Up to January 15, you can visit an Oppo store and book your R5 to become one of the first in India to get your hands on the very beautiful device, and a free Oppo back pack too. The Oppo R5 pre-order price is set at INR 29,990. Oppo R5 is an obviously stunning handset — and we get to don’t say it too many times, believe us — and easily bests everyone in its price segment when it comes to looks.

Though, while Oppo R5 is just 4.85mm thin, it’s yet not the slimmest device on earth, nutmegged by the 4.75mm thin Vivo X5Max, which shares similar specs-sheet but looks, sorry Vivo, only way poorer.

Oppo shared the pre-order news with us via its twitter account but is yet to drop a word on its release. If pre-order is not your thing, you can wait for now as we expect the R5 to become available at retail stores and online stores (Flipkart and Amazon, where Oppo devices are already available) real soon. January 16? Probably yes.

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Why Buy Oppo R5?

Simply put, if you don’t care about the very best of specs available in the market, and totally want a device that just looks awesome — and makes your friends and family drop a jaw when they see it — while being very fast and very slim, then you WANT OPPO R5.

Even though you can grab a brand new Galaxy S5 or some great devices of 2014 in used condition, like LG G3 and HTC One M8, in this price (Rs.29,990), Oppo R5 still scores in some features over those three while being powered by a processor that’s not as fast as that in those 3 devices. Oppo R5 is capable of fast charging, and thus comes with VOOC mini Rapid Charger, to get you 2 hours of talk-time in just 5 mins of charge. A 30 min charge of Oppo R5 is sufficient to charge up its otherwise-small 2000 mAh battery by 75%.

Oppo R5’s 5.2 inch Super AMOLED display is also a great one, and the 13MP Sony camera lens on the front with an aperture of cool f2.0 makes sure you will get good blur on your photos, with Oppo’s software making it possible for you to click the photo while you are at it, and then add focus later on.

And then it’s all about looks. Check out these official pics of Oppo R5, here.

So, all in all, if you want a different device that looks the best, is very fast and would never lag in foreseeable future, and of course have INR 29,990 to spare with, get an Oppo R5.

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