Record Expense and Reimbursement Reports for a Project or Client Easily with N2F Expense Reports & Mileage

If you travel a lot for business purposes and find it really hard, boring and tiring to record expenses on trip, segregating between personal and business (for reimbursements), then N2F expense reports & mileage is exactly the Android app you are looking for.

Be it about expense reports, mileage, receipts for reimbursement, tax or accounting purposes, it does it all.

The app looks beautiful and works even better. UI is smooth and works great — has right options in place, and features all good things of a great app.

The only grumble — howsoever little it is — that we have about this app is its price, which is $2.74 for this great utility app. That’s not to say it’s not worth it, which it is, but it would have been a great buy between 1.5-2.0.

Features of N2F expense reports & mileage in very brief:
  • Modern UI with slide-out navigation,
  • Holo UI (of course!)
  • Pie charts,
  • Receipts capture,
  • Backups,
  • Currency converter,
  • Vehicle management,
  • Export reports to PDF or CSV
  • Organization by projects, clients, trips, etc.,
  • Empty expense reminder,
  • Payment status follow up,
  • 14 color themes, and much more!

When aesthetics are so nice and features in abundance, we are all thumbs up for the N2F expense reports & mileage Android app.

But we can’t help but cry for a Free version of the app, or the Trial version, as buying the app directly without trying — even with the refund policy in place in Play Store — isn’t cool to every Android user, especially in developing countries, where concentration of Android devices and users is higher.

APP PRICE: $2.74 | Free/Trial Version: Not Available.

Our Rating of the App: 4.5/5.0

  • UI – 4.5
  • Features – 5.0
  • Price – 3.0

Tell us your view and rating of the app. And suggestions, if any.

[pb-app-box pname=’com.n2jsoft.n2f’ name=’N2F expense reports & mileage’ theme=’light’ lang=’en’]

[Click on Install button above to download the app from Google Play Store.]

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