Blue Color Verizon Galaxy S5 Leaks, Coming Soon!

Verizon Galaxy S5 users are gonna have one more choice as regards color selection, in Arctic Blue. Naming scheme of the color aside, check out the above pic to get an idea of how it is going to look like. Yeah, it’s still shiny, and still not_cool.

But if you wanted choices for Galaxy S5, Verizon got you one, leaving you in the cold to figure what on god’s earth made you pray for a choice when Verizon and Samsung are working together.

The above render of the Verizon Galaxy S5 blue color leaked on the web only hours ago, and is fully believed to be on display in Verizon stores real soon.

The Arctic Blue colored Galaxy S5 will be a Verizon Wireless exclusive, btw, which also means that, all other carriers and countries are automatically saved from another not-cool-shiny-and-plasticky Galaxy S5 Samsung has managed come up with.

Leave it to Samsung to launch an Arctic Blue color Galaxy S5 when another device that would be entering stores and Verizon and others is now-crowd-favorite the LG G3, which has already won many hearts right after its release few days ago.

Via Evleaks

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