BlackBerry and Google partner for a secure enterprise solution on Android

blackberry and google

BlackBerry and Google have entered a new partnership that will combine the fleet management abilities of BES12 with the security aspects of Android 5.0 Lollipop. Obviously, it will result in a more secure way of handling the business data on the Android devices that are used for business with the usage of encrypted data and restrictions on those who can share the details such as files, apps, contacts and calendars.

The personal side of the Android devices of the employees is blocked from IT and the latter will have complete control with the things related to business. Some of the tasks include wiping the devices to load enterprise related applications. The employees will have same experience regardless of the Android device that they have. Also, the IT departments will have the same experience in managing all the devices in their fleet.

It has been claimed by BlackBerry that these new features that are available through Android and BES12 will let the organizations to secure enterprise and personal data on their Android devices, ensure tight integration with the Google Play for Work and set new levels of hardware based encryption. Also, it will deliver a consistent end-user and management experience throughout their Android fleet.

This announcement comes at the time when the Canadian manufacturer is rumored to be working on an Android powered smartphone called BlackBerry Venice that is likely to feature a curved glass display and physical slide-out keyboard and launch on AT&T.

Via: PhoneArena