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10 Best White Noise Apps

Ever since scientists uncovered the psychological and therapeutic benefits of listening to white noise, the tech world has endeavored to bring it to the user in the form of an app.

Not surprising then, white noise apps have really picked up and garnered considerable attention amongst people.


Best White Noise Android apps

If you have trouble falling asleep, staying calm in a stress-inducing situation, or have a strenuous time remaining focused to the task at hand, listening to white noise may help. So, here are what we think the best white noise apps in the Android market right now.

1. White Noise Generator

White Noise Generator has been awarded a Google’s Editors’ Choice Award for its impeccable performance. It has a near-perfect rating of 4.8/5.0 on Google Play, which speaks volumes about its range and quality of features.

On its homepage, it places icons of its base white noise from various sources, such as rain, car, thunder, wind, forest, leaves, creeks etc. A user can simply click on multiple icons to generate a suitable mixture for himself. These customized combinations can then be saved, named and curated into a playlist.

Download: White Noise Generator

2. White Noise

White Noise is a beautifully conceived app. It focuses solely on (you guessed it) white noise and incorporates sounds suitable for babies as well as adults. As of now, it has a collection of 40 sounds, though each of the sound clips is a gem in that it has been carefully recorded and added only after deliberate discussion.

Another plus point is that there is no need to stream a sound for playback, they are fully available for any time listening, once the app is downloaded.

Download: White Noise

3. Baby Sleep – White Noise

It is a well-researched fact that having spent 9 months of their mother’s gestation period in a noisy womb, babies instinctively take to and rest easier in the presence of white noise. This app then is the perfect choice for parents that find it hard to get their babies to rest easy and sleep soundly. In addition to white noises, this app also has soothing lullabies, as well as the sound of “shh” to quieten down a sobbing toddler.

Download: Baby Sleep – White Noise

4. Relax Melodies: Sleep Sounds

Relax Melodies specifically targets the problem of insomnia and helps the user overcome it by listening to white noise, nature sounds, sweet melodies, and their customized mixtures. It also has a guided meditation feature that can be superimposed on any other sound clip to help build a unique meditation audio clip.

Download: Relax Melodies: Sleep Sounds

5. Baby Sleep: White noise lullabies for newborns

Baby Sleep has a collection of white noise audio clips specifically suited to babies and their parents. These low-frequency white noise sounds resemble the natural sounds from within a womb that help manifest a calming environment that the babies are used to, making them fall asleep immediately.

Download: Baby Sleep: White noise lullabies for newborns


6. Lightning Bug – Sleep Clock

Lightning Bug has one of the most extensively varied libraries of white noises amongst all the apps featured on this list, with almost 200 sound sources ranging from natural sources, such as rain storms and ocean waves, to man-made ones, such as city trains.

In addition to that Lightning Bug also has sounds based on acoustic and electronic musical instruments and down-tempo break beats. The only downside is the slightly crass interface of the app.

Download: Lightning Bug – Sleep Clock

7. White Noise Baby

White Noise Baby is a well-received app (Google Editors’ Choice). Not only does it curate a variety of baby-suited white noises, but also complements them with a variety of unique and handy features.

For instance, this app has a baby mode to reduce interruptions, a baby rattle with touch and shake controls to quieten a petulant baby, a sound shutoff timer that fades volume to silence very organically and a baby monitor that reactivates timer and replays previously played sounds in case crying is detected.

Lastly, this app maintains a log of noise detection occurrences that helps the user understand his baby’s sleep cycle.

Download: White Noise Baby

8. Sleep Orbit: Relaxing 3D Sounds, White Noise & Fan

If you look for an app that provides a holistically serene experience, from its interface to the audio clip-sessions, then Sleep Orbit is the app for you. It has a solid collection of 100 sounds from 17 categories. Apart from white noise sound clips, this app also mindfully incorporates ASMR sounds, another effective variant to white noise in inducing quiet within the mind.

Download: Sleep Orbit: Relaxing 3D Sounds, White Noise & Fan

9. Bed Time Fan Noise – White Noise Fan Sleep Sounds

This app has a very specific job to do, and it does it well. Many people get accustomed to the sound of a whirling fan over their heads as they fall asleep, from years of doing just that. Bed Time Noise Fan puts that sound right into an uneasy user’s ears as he sleeps, if a fan isn’t available, or the temperature isn’t suited for using one.

Download: Bed Time Fan Noise – White Noise Fan Sleep Sounds

10. Relax Music – Meditation & Sleep Music, White Noise

Relax Music focuses all its efforts towards helping relieve its users of feelings of anxiety and help induce restful sleep. With that in mind, this app offers distinctly soothing and relaxing sounds, a bunch of which are white noises.

Though the app has not-so-infrequent ad interruptions, a fact which might be a deterrent for certain sensitive listeners from truly enjoying a blissful session with the app.

Download: Relax Music – Meditation & Sleep Music, White Noise

What is your experience with white noise? How many of the above-mentioned apps have you tried? Do tell us in the comment section below.